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QA Management System

This automated tool offers project structure through navigation workflow to generate your full QA Management System for your application testing...

Testing Lifecycle

Testing starts with a good test plan and strategy. The testing effort begins with understanding the testing lifecycle and that it starts early in the Software Development Life Cycle.

Test Planning & Design

By working closely with each client, we develop test strategies and approaches tailored to your specific requirements and business priorities, so that our test plan will thoroughly reflect your goals and expectations.

QA Lifecycle Analysis

Quality Assurance can be a daunting, and often misrepresented discipline. Everyone has a methodology that they believe to be the ``silver bullet`` for all software development life cycles.

Process Improvement

Process improvement with setting strategic and tactical directions to achieve established corporate objectives. Continually improves upon existing goods, realizing gains in efficiency.

Agile Methodology & Training

If your organization needs to be trained in pure scrum agile methodology or just a refresher course we have the two week program to get them back up to speed.

About Us

iB4U is a Software QA and Testing Services company that is owned and operated by United States citizens. We’re a domestic/onshore software company and our specialties include:


  • Simple but affective tracking tools when cost is a factor
  • Manual, black box, regression testing
  • Training
  • Experience

Why Customers Choose Us


We believe that anything that can be learned, and while the hard skills are an important part of what we look for during our hiring and evaluation process, we also look for people to have both a strong aptitude and great attitude that fosters the correct level of tenacity for this line of work.  We provide a creative and unique environment that allows our employees to grow and expand their knowledge to keep their creative minds sharp that would want them to stay with us as long-term employees.  To that end, our software test engineers move from one engagement to the next, allowing us to retain the knowledge and experience of our staff, especially if you need to work with us again.


We’re not trying to be all things to everybody, and at Laatu Consulting, we focus solely on Software Testing Services and Agile methodologies that support quality assurance.  Every employee at Laatu Consulting is passionate about software quality and improving your product.  We love what we do, and we understand the value of quality.  We are specialists who think outside of the box, and are also capable of working with several different methodologies, technologies, and standards.  In short, we are in software testing for the long haul.  Passion, attention to detail, creativity and commitment are just some of the traits that our Team members bring to the table.


Laatu Consulting is able to present the highest value to our clients:

  • Quality Service
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Exceptional Skills
  • An Unmatched Work Ethic

We go home when the work is done, we work hard and we play hard.

Our Skills

The iB4U management team has over 50 years of combined IT experience. With our experience, we’re able to help support your business needs throughout the product life cycle.



David Lam

Co-Founder/System Architecture

Lisa Le

Co-Founder/Web Developer

Dat Huynh

Co-Founder/System Architecture


  • AADVAN Transmission LLC
  • Article Lite Bible Student Retirement Center
  • Bambuza Hospitality
  • Bamboo Restaurant
  • Charter Mechanical
  • Labelle Nails
  • Ohh La La Nails
  • Unique Salon