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Tools & Services

QA Managment System

This automated tool offers project structure through navigation workflow to generate your full QA Management System for your application testing. Scoring analysis based on the testing results of pass, fail and critical fail. Charting leverages the scoring analysis for a visualization of the overall QA in four categories:

  • Outstanding (TO DO) items
  • Critical Failures
  • Failures
  • Passes
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This shows where you have been in your application as well as where you have not been. You can access your risk areas of:

  • Lacking scripts
  • Non-tested
  • Critical failures

All of the data can be used for custom reporting.

Testing Lifecycle

Testing starts with a good test plan and strategy. The testing effort begins with understanding the testing lifecycle and that it starts early in the Software Development Life Cycle.

Testing Types:

  • Install
  • Compatibility
  • Smoke and sanity
  • Regression
  • Acceptance
  • Functional vs non-functional
  • Destructive
  • Performance & Load
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Internationalization & Localization
  • Alpha & Beta
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Testing lifecycle:

  • Test development
  • Test execution
  • Test reporting
  • Test result analysis
  • Defect Retesting AKA Resolution testing
  • Regression
  • Test Closure

Testing Levels:

  • Unit
  • String
  • System
  • Integration
  • Acceptance


By working closely with each client, we develop test strategies and approaches tailored to your specific requirements and business priorities, so that our test plan will thoroughly reflect your goals and expectations.

We personalize every aspect of the test plan by developing entrance & exit criteria, traceability matrices, test cases, bug tracking, and reporting metrics to suit your needs and schedule.

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We will adapt to your organizational needs, appropriate testing environments, and schedule. Along with that, we will follow through with careful and meticulous execution and management of the test plan.

All work items will be supplemented with detailed and pertinent reporting if you so choose.


Quality Assurance can be a daunting, and often misrepresented discipline.  Everyone has a methodology that they believe to be the “silver bullet” for all software development life cycles.  We believe that there is basically one way to build software well, with infinite variations on the model to make it fit your business, your products, and your team.

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We can help you analyze the way you do business, design a lifecycle model that enables you to improve that business, implement the processes and recommend the tools to enable you to enact the changes, and train your staff on the best solution for your development processes, values, and organization with one of our SQA director and executive oversight.


Process improvement with setting strategic and tactical directions to achieve established corporate objectives. Continually improves upon existing goods, realizing gains in efficiency. With a solid commitment to excellence, facilitates the long-term success of an organization.

We provide organizational effectiveness and process excellence strategies to support the execution of key strategic initiatives with multiple and diverse internal stakeholders and solutions to appropriately address critical business issues.

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We support the full realization of the Informatics Improvement Strategic Plan; drive large-scale organizational change efforts through training, program development and outcome evaluation with impact at multiple stakeholder levels.

We work closely with cross-functional and departmental collaboration, such as development, product management, marketing, technical writers, customer support, sales, external customers and vendors in defining project priorities, scope, approach, resource requirements and deliverable schedules on a global scale.


If your organization needs to be trained in pure scrum agile methodology or just a refresher course we have the two week program to get them back up to speed.  We can also understand your hybrid needs and can follow-up with a customize hybrid solutions for your team to work effectively to your environment.  We train the pure version first so everybody gets on the same page from past exposure to scrum agile environments that are not truly agile to calibrate your team.

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We value our experience and applying that real world experience to practical implementation.  When applying the agile methodology we understand the art that goes along with the science as well as the value of team spirit and how the teams are integrated to achieve the common goal.